The country

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Even before the Christian era, China was a great empire of several kingdoms, the present provinces. In 221 B.C. these kingdoms under the Qin Dynasty merged into one empire. Since 1911 China has been a republic, since 1949, the PRC. China, a country with many metropolises. Beijing and Shanghai are the best known of them. China is a country with many cultural and nature treasures. Like the Terracotta Army from ‘Xian, the ancient capital of China. Or the beautiful scenic Guilin, at the Li River, with its magnificent hills of 100-200mtr. high that dominate the landscape.

The Chinese language is a collection of 14 Mandarin language varieties. In order to mutually communicate with each other Chinese people speak Standard Mandarin, a language that is learned in all schools all over China. China is an inspiring country with friendly people. A country that is worth visiting. Whether for business or for pleasure.

The people

Family and friends are very important to the Chinese. They are hard working people and enjoy mutual respect within family and outside the family. Getting in touch with the local population is not always easy, partly because of the language barrier. However, many Chinese like it to make contacts with foreigners and practise their English.

Many Chinese business men and women do not speak English. Many contacts are maintained by employees, agents or translators who speak English. These people are usually well educated, both men and women.

There are translations in Chinese for “yes” and “no.” However, businessmen prefer not to use these words, that’s why you will often hear the word “maybe”. In the early phase of the talks can their “yes” really can be “yes” but as well “no”. And that also applies to “no”. At first meeting business men will be careful. It takes time to get intimate with each other. The more getting closer contact, the more the real “yes” and “no’s” will appear at the final deals …

The market

A number of European companies buy finished products from China. The advantage is that at relatively low labour cost you have a finished product. Other companies buy semi-finished products or parts and assemble the pieces in own company to complete the finished product.

The choice of fully finished or semi-finished product depends per product, and the requirements that are imposed on the product. The percentage of import duties on complete products are in some cases higher than for semi-finished products. In addition, there can be a difference in the number of products per container: Semi-finished products take relatively less space. And of course there is a great advantage to assemble parts to finished product by yourselves : The final inspection is done with your own QC managers. Therefore you can always be assured that the product meets your requirements.

Whether it concerns finished products or semi-finished products or parts, the products must always meet the requirements. We have selected companies that can meet your requirements. We have our own QC inspectors throughout China. Checking your products during production and before they are shipped.

Local conditions

Working conditions
Since 2009 new Chinese labour laws offer better protection for employees. Employees now have health insurance, paid for overtime, paid for holidays, maximum hours that can be worked in one week and retirement facilities.

China has made big steps forward in the environment. The laws and regulations have been tightened and is strictly inspected by local and nationwide government.

Code of conduct
C-Prove has its own Code of Conduct. A document stating that a supplier must meet. On ethical grounds (C-Prove does not tolerate child labour). But also for environmentally aspects. Click on the link for the Code of Conduct.

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