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Metal products from China

China is innovative offering many opportunities for a stronger competitive position. What are your opportunities buying products or parts from China? Do you prefer to do it yourself or would you like a specialist taking care of you? We can help you whichever way you choose.. Page “About us” gives you an idea about who we are and what we can do for you. For a selection of products, please check “Production”. Page “China” will show you information about the country, its people and what you need to know when doing business with China.

The C-Prove Method


We start with a meeting in which we discuss the needs and wants of the product. From that point we onwards can make a plan to get started


When all points are discussed, we make a plan for production to get samples, and eventually start producing.


You’ve received the samples and agreed on production. Now things are really getting started!


Q.C. = Quality Control
When production has finished, our inspectors will take care of quality control.


When the product have been checked and approved, we take care of shipping your product to your warehouse. We’ve completed the circle!


Here are some examples of products that have been made with the C-Prove method.

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